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Life in the UniverCity: A Symposium on Charlottesville and UVA: Past, Present, and Future

April 27, 2018
11:00 am
Nau Hall 101
Hosted By:
College of Arts and Sciences Civic and Community Engagement Classes and the Corcoran Department of History

How have the politics of Charlottesville and UVA changed since the attacks of Aug. 11-12? What is UVA’s impact on the city and its residents? How can UVA students better engage with local issues and populations during their time on Grounds? At this year-end symposium, students in the Community and Civic Engagement course “All Politics Is Local” will be presenting and discussing their collaborative work with local organizations over the past year and research on critical issues facing Charlottesville and UVA today. The event will culminate with a keynote address by historian Davarian L. Baldwin, author of the forthcoming book “UniverCities: How Higher Education is Transforming Urban America."